Art Voice


A few words in the name of the individual spirit as a part of a greater whole.

For every voice read and heard on the television, radio, internet, or paper, there is another voice filtering and directing each message reported. This contagion is spreading rapidly and seems to be absorbing independent, unique media voices and outlets. The deterioration of the independent voice calls for the individual to seek out undiluted reporting- the only way to gain a cultured and unmonitored perspective of surrounding life.
The Buffalo news site “Artvoice” ( provides a dynamic perspective to local news. This site highlights exciting events and developments in the Buffalo area including life in the city, restaurant events, bands, and politics. Artvoice separates itself from conglomerate stations because it provides video and objective information in politics, for example, recording both sides and publishing arguments supporting each side. Additionally, there is an equal amount of emphasis on local bands and restaurants as widely known ones, highlighting local talent and ownership as a part of the unique Buffalo experience. One article discusses a local “mix off” coming soon between two bartenders who are deemed the best “mixologists.” The reporting romanticizes the quirky adventures to be had in Buffalo, promoting the appreciation of peoples’ talents and events that are at the heart of Buffalo.